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The Desert (long poem)

“Amazing ... This poem is excellent and so profound, very evocative of an immigrant child’s experience. New Zealand and Europe: so dissonant and yet somehow harmonious. Really resonated for me ...”  DEB FILLER – writer/performer

“This poem is beautiful ... Real quality redolent of the sixties ... The Greek characters are infused in seamlessly ... It was a joy to read.”  IAN SINCLAIR – Journalist

“Chris’ Moisa’s extraordinary poem ... has taken me by surprise ... I was overwhelmed by what I read I was gripped and horrified and amused and uplifted, by my first reading – followed by a second reading that confirmed all these impressions – but more than that, I was totally bowled away by its construction ... The poem is a poetic memoir, a chronicle, a story of adventure and discovery, and a reflection of human experience, and on the mysteries, terrors, rewards and exaltations of all existence.”
KEVIN IRELAND – recipient of the NZ Prime Minister’s Award for poetry

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It is 1975, and finally, a new wave of international terrorism spills on the sandy and sunny shores of Cyprus.

Having coped with the coup de tat against President Archbishop Makarios and the Turkish military invasion, the Cypriot people have to now also cope with European terrorists using their island as a transit point, for their gun shipments and a hoping stop to the Middle East to train en gratis in Jordanian PLO camps.


New Zealand journalist Steve Carpenter, now a freelance Foreign Correspondent teams up once again with his friend and cousin Inspector Petros Zymaras to solve two separate murders that have international repercussions. Both cases involve tourists and Carpenter desperate for a story, initially, delves into exploring the world of sex tourism only to find that in one of the cases a more sinister and deadly element raises its head. Carpenter finds himself becoming assassination target in the dark streets of Agia Napa and Nicosia for reasons that neither he nor Zymaras can fathom.


Widely acclaimed New Zealand author Christodoulou Moisa has completed Thrown to the Wolves the third novel of The Wolf Trilogy with an exciting whodunnit full of colourful characters and an intelligent, in-depth analysis of terrorism and its moral and disturbing implications for our future.

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